The Southern Christian Leadership Conference
New Mexico Chapter

Southern Christian Leadership Conference of New Mexico

Mission Statement

Our national organization, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), was started by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1957 and has always included eradicating classism and racism wherever it exists. The organization also works to ensure economic justice and civil rights in the areas of discrimination and affirmative action.

The New Mexico chapter of SCLC was re-activated in March, 2008. We strive to be a voice for the lost, the least and the left out. We believe in bringing about equality for all people and this is a continuing goal of our organization today. We are working to make a contribution towards a solution to the problems of racism and discrimination in our communities. We are working to ensure that all people have a right to obtain employment to support their families, that our laws are fair and carried out to protect all people that young men are given opportunities instead of being placed on the “jail trail” and that health disparities statewide are recognized and obliterated by increasing communities’ access to healthcare services.

SCLCNM Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Luncheon
January 2019


Welcome to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference New Mexico Chapter (SCLCNM).   The SCLCNM is a chapter of the National Southern Christian Leadership Conference originally started by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We began the New Mexico chapter in March of 2008. This chapter was created to organize and maintain Christian guidance to aid in improving civic, religious, economic, education, and cultural conditions in New Mexico.  In line with this mission, the SCLCNM is concerned about the health and overall well being of the African American communities in New Mexico.  The SCLCNM seeks to reduce health disparities statewide and increase the community's access to services.

2019 Martin Luther King Jr. Luncheon