The Southern Christian Leadership Conference
New Mexico Chapter

The African American Connection Project (AACP)

In early 2009 with a grant from the McCune Foundation, Reverend Charles Becknell Sr., PhD, a minister and community activist conducted town hall meetings in five New Mexico cities with significant African American populations.  Over 200 people participated and expressed frustration at the lack of health services directed at African Americans.  Dr. Becknell found that some children had never seen a dentist, and many children were not immunized until they reached school age.  People requested local health fairs they could access and a need for culturally appropriate services.  Many felt they were marginalized and left out of other health improvement efforts because of the size of the community. 

From that, the AACP was conceptualized and the project developed.  The vision was to engage the power of the churches in communities to reach out to African American's in New Mexico.  The  resource centers will be housed in (not connected to) a church in each community where participants would feel safe and comfortable going to get referrals.  Each resource center would employ a local advocate that would help them make connections and address barriers to better health and other services they may qualify for.
This program is in the start-up phase and hopes to fully operational by November 1st, 2009.

African American Workforce Training Initiative

This program was created to provide much needed job training skills in African American communities.  This program helps participants with resume building, job search skills, interview and networking skills.  The CNM Workforce Training Center is a key partner in this initiative. 

Program Vision

With each program we do, we seek to promote peace, harmony and the Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr.'s principle of non-violence thru conflict resolution training seminars and public speaking.